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  • Vgt_holiday_celebrations Play-icon

    Holiday Celebrations

    An employee tries to get his two co-workers into the Christmas...


    Tags: brian, sammy, jason, holiday sensitivity, religious diversity, holiday

  • Hs_ir_dont Play-icon

    Interview Restrictions - How Not To

    Interviewing manager asks questions that reference personal, protected traits and not...

    5 Credits

    Tags: hiring, interviewing, restrictions

  • Hiring_scenarios_behavioral_interviewing_how_not_to Play-icon

    Behavioral Interviewing - How Not To

    Hiring manager asks direct questions that don't force candidate to detail...

    5 Credits

    Tags: hiring, interviewing, recruiting, behavioral interviews, recruitment, jason

  • Hiring_scenarios_behavioral_interviewing_how__to Play-icon

    Behavioral Interviewing - How To

    Hiring manager asks open-ended questions that force the candidate to do...

    5 Credits

    Tags: jason, recruitment, behavioral interviews, recruiting, interviewing, hiring

  • Joking_at_lunch Play-icon

    Joking at Lunch

    Friendly co-workers are in the lunchroom, discussing current events when the...

    5 Credits

    Tags: tj, michael, jeff, robert, hispanic, latino

  • Coffee_discussion_response_b Play-icon

    The Coffee Discussion: Response B

    An employee tells his friend and co-worker about a workplace affair...

    5 Credits

    Tags: branching, series, rob, jason, management, manager's response