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  • Vgt_holiday_celebrations Play-icon

    Holiday Celebrations

    An employee tries to get his two co-workers into the Christmas...


    Tags: brian, sammy, jason, holiday sensitivity, religious diversity, holiday

  • Csl_672 Play-icon

    Managing Unconscious Bias

    Software developers have a weekly meeting and manager belittles the only...

    5 Credits

    Tags: workplace harassment

  • Csl_680?1462403340 Play-icon

    Workplace Conflict After Romance Ends

    5 Credits

    Tags: workplace romance, harassment, workplace, conflict, claim, hostile work environment

  • Csl_650?1462474424 Play-icon

    Passwords and Cybersecurity

    5 Credits

    Tags: password, computer, information security, info security

  • Insider_traiding Play-icon

    Questions About Confidential Information

    Two friends have a beer and one friend asks the other...

    5 Credits

    Tags: ethics, code of conduct, insider trading, ethics, ethical dilemma

  • Csl_363?1462403520 Play-icon

    Gifts & Conflicts of Interest

    During vendor selection process, a potential vendor offers concert tickets to...

    5 Credits

    Tags: gifts, conflicts of interest, ethics, code of conduct